Specialty Item Transport

Best Removalists Perth not only offer house removals in Perth | and not only office removals in Perth | but can move almost anything! Our business has the man power, knowledge and most importantly the specialist equipment to move that large / awkward / bulky / HEAVY items.

All our trucks are fitted with a hydraulic tail lift for ease of loading. All our vehicles are also equipped with all the necessary tools – and most importantly the equipment needed to move any item. We asses each job on arrival, based on its merits – just to name a few of the maneuvering equipment that we use:

  • Slate / Marble | Pool Table Trolley
  • Piano Trolley | Dolly
  • Fridge Trolley
  • Straps | Ties
  • Wrist | Forearm Straps
  • Tool Bags
  • Flat Trolleys
  • Ramps | Boards


Pool Table Removal Perth


Heavy Item Moving Specialists in West Australia

Removalists Perth have a team of experienced moving specialists ready to tackle all jobs. Even if the item is not getting moved during the relocation of your household contents, we are able to accommodate to that also. Offering a taxi job / delivery like service for those awkward items that other removalist company in Perth wont do.

Just to name a few of the major tickets goods we can handle:

  • Pianos (Upright)
  • Pool Tables
  • Marble | Slate | Granite | Stone
  • Home Gyms | Fitness Equipment
  • Large Safes
  • Large Pot Plants


*Please notify our removal staff at the time of booking to discuss the moving of these items and access points.


Piano Removalists Perth